What is Electronic Brachytherapy?

Spokane Dermatology Clinic is committed to providing our patients with the most advanced technology currently on the market; especially technology that will reduce the stress and challenges that can come with traditional skin cancer treatments. At our clinic, we are excited to offer our patients a new non-melanoma skin cancer treatment option, Electronic Brachytherapy.

Electronic Brachytherapy is an alternative to traditional skin cancer treatments that remove basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Typically, patients who suffer from these types of skin cancers will receive surgeries, creams, and/or radiation therapies. On average, patients receive 30-35 treatments over the course of several months when using these other traditional methods. Additionally, many patients who receive traditional therapy will require additional reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures to restore the appearance of the treated area.

Brachytherapy was really easy (for me, as a patient) and incredibly quick! Each treatment was completed within a matter of minutes, completely painless, left no scaring; and most importantly eradicated the skin-cancer.

I still can’t believe that I was able to receive such a revolutionary treatment here in Spokane! Thank you Dr. Werschler, Brachytherapy team, and SDC staff!”

Jerry M. – Spokane Dermatology Client

This makes Electronic Brachytherapy the preferred choice of treatment for many skin cancer patients. The new Electronic Brachytherapy treatment provides skin cancer patients with unrivaled treatment care. The Electronic Brachytherapy System does not injure underlying tissues, nerves, blood vessels, or fat. This leaves most patients virtually scar free after treatment for their skin cancer.  Electronic Brachytherapy is unlike any other treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancer .

Please visit our website, call Spokane Dermatology at (509) 624-1184 or come into our clinic located at:

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